How Managed Security Providers Help Organizations Achieve their Security/Business Objective.

How Managed Security Providers Help Organizations Achieve their Security/Business Objective.

  • 3rd Dec, 2021

With today’s technological advancements, life has been simplified. The rise of social media, collaboration tools, remote working and Enterprise Resource Planning tools has made information sharing a seamless experience. Businesses are reaping big from access to a wider market, improved business agility, automation of services, cloud services, better storage solutions and better customer experience.

With all this in mind, it is also clear that data security has become everyone’s concern. Every single business wants to protect what has become their most valuable asset – data.

Most organizations are turning to Managed Security Service Providers  (MSSPs) to take care of their cyber security needs. But the question becomes, is it worth the trouble?

Defining Managed Security Services

Now, first things first, what is a managed security service?

This is a security as a service solution offered by a third party to manage a company’s information security. This can be done either on-site or remotely. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) offer a wide range of services from vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, deployment of information security infrastructure, user training, policy formulation, and compliance management.

Still wondering how employing the services of an MSSP will benefit your organization? Well, read on.

The issue of cyber threats is giving managers sleepless nights. As technology advances, cybercriminals are coming up with more sophisticated ways of going around existing security protocols, and they seem to be succeeding.

Your business needs top talents in cybersecurity to remain way ahead of the bad guys. This is where MSSPs come in.

Having a wide range of experience and expertise in information security, we have come up with ways in which hiring the services of an MSSP will help your business achieve its security/business goals:

Access to Top Talents at Affordable Rates

Top talents in cyber security are very expensive and difficult to find. With an MSSP, you get the services of top world brains in cybersecurity such as chief security officers (CSOs) and pen testers at manageable rates. You save the costs that would be incurred in recruiting and training new cyber security staff. MSSPs have a large client base which allows for cost-sharing such that one doesn’t have to bear the cost alone as it happens with organizations that choose to recruit their own staff.

Allows You to Focus on More Pertinent Issues Related to the Productivity of Your Business

Hiring an MSSP will give you peace of mind, knowing that all your cybersecurity issues are in the hands of qualified professionals.

MSSPs mainly focus on detection and handling of threats early enough before they can cause harm. This allows you to focus on your business and day-to-day duties.

Realtime and Continuous Monitoring of Your Systems and Network

In a typical company environment, IT staff only operate within the normal office hours. However, MSSPs offer services round the clock. This strengthens your security  posture, reduces risks and incidences.

Access to Advanced Technology

MSSPs use technology that has been thoroughly tested in different environments and proven to be working. Since threats keep evolving with time, this technology offers tools that will handle threats as they come.

Configuration and Management of Cyber Security Tools

It’s one thing to buy a cyber security tool and a totally different thing to configure and make it operate optimally and precisely. Whenever such tools are configured inappropriately, they present a whole set of vulnerabilities. MSSPs ensure that your equipment is configured and deployed by an expert to give optimal protection to your system.

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