Log4j vulnerability and the impact

Log4j vulnerability and the impact

  • 10th Dec, 2021

Log4j exploits are still on the rise since the vulnerability was discovered. It has affected over 35,000 Java application. The Log4j also known as Log4Shall, which allows an attacker to execute remote code executionby taking advantage of the vulnerable JNDI lookups functionality (by default enabled in manyversions) offered by thelog4j logging library.


Possible threats for corporate applications and systems if the vulnerability is exploited?

If it is not unpatched, then attackers might exploit this flaw to take control of computer servers, apps, and devices, as well as breach business networks. It is being noticed that Malware, ransomware, and other automated attacks are already aggressively exploiting the weakness, according to reports of experts.

This vulnerability has very low attack barriers. An attacker only needs to type a simple string into a chat window to exploit as the exploit is “pre-authentication,”. This indicates that an attacker does not need to sign into a susceptible system in order to exploit it. In other words, you should anticipate your web server to be vulnerable.

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What actions could cyber security professionals take to defend their businesses?

Security professionals point out that, although it is critical to be aware of the vulnerability’s unavoidable long-term impact, the prime focus should be to take as much action as possible immediately to reduce these threats as the exploitation frenzy continues.

Begin by doing a thorough audit of every application, website, and system within your area of responsibility that is internet-connected or has the potential to be considered public-facing.This covers self-hosted application and vendor product installations, cloud-based services and network Devices. Pay close attention to systems containing critical operational data, such as client information and access passwords.

If you noticed applications, systems, network devices and vendor product use this vulnerable Log4J  library, update the Application with latest patch2.16.0 released by The Apache Software Foundation. You should also start tacking the response of your vendors for the vendor-installed products and applications, devices and follow their instruction if any.

The war is still on

Hackers are still searching for clever ways to find and exploit as many vulnerable systems as feasible. The most frightening aspect of the Log4Shell is that many companies will not even be aware that their systems are at risk.

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