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In the past, Operating Systems used to be the primary target for attackers due to the large number of vulnerabilities that existed by then. This has been fixed over time by the manufacturers and now the attention of cyber criminals has shifted to applications. That means there is a need to have the necessary security tools and expertise to continually cope with this changing environment. At InfoSec Brigade, we are behind you in ensuring that you will never find yourself in the hands of hackers or at the mercy of an expensive ransomware attack. We will work closely with you in creating application security policies that are in line with your organizational needs using industry standards. We will help you implement a step-by-step approach for both mobile and web applications.

What we offer

Our application security implementation plan encompasses the following:

  • Risk assessment
  • Testing of implemented security policies
  • Automated installation and configuration of security elements.
  • Security training for application developers
  • Regular patch updates
  • Static and Dynamic Testing

Benefits of Application Security Implementation

  • Compliance – you remain compliant to industry standards
  • Maintain client’s trust
  • Enhanced security brought about by a reduced attack surface
  • Optimal system functionality – removing unnecessary programs and disabling unwanted services will ensure your system is running optimally with fewer interruptions.

Why infoSec Brigade?

  • An experienced technical support team
  • Top talented staff and expertise in cyber security
  • We offer customized security solutions to meet your security needs
  • Competitive services at very competitive prices
  • No hidden costs / unnecessary expenses
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At InfoSec Brigade, we believe in value addition. We are here to meet all cybersecurity needs at an affordable cost.