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Every system and process has a vulnerability somewhere, somehow. It is therefore upon you, the system owner, to discover those vulnerabilities, find out what threats could exploit them, and come up with a preventive mechanism.

What we Assess

IT Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

We focus on critical IT infrastructure that can easily be used as an attack surface. We thoroughly assess the security posture in routers, switches, and firewalls and unearth any security loopholes. Our comprehensive report will reveal all your critical assets and the risks associated with them

Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment

The use of mobile devices comes with yet another major risk to an organization’s critical data. As mobile application development continues to grow, so do the vulnerabilities. We conduct a deep assessment of an application’s interface and code to discover whether necessary security mechanisms have been implemented against any unauthorized access to data.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

The increased usage of web applications poses a major security threat to companies. Web application vulnerability assessment seeks to address an ever-growing set of vulnerabilities that might not have been discovered in the process of web development. We conduct a comprehensive risk evaluation in comparison with the harm that would accrue if such risks are unaddressed. We also gauge the existing security posture in both code and API and seek to seal any security loopholes. Our web vulnerability assessment will help companies tighten their web security and reduce possible risks.

Our Approach

We employ a step by step approach to penetration testing:

  • Information Gathering

  • Planning

  • Vulnerability scanning

  • Report Generation

  • Remediation Testing

Vulnerability Assessment Benefits:

  • You will always stay ahead of attackers
  • Will enable you to prepare for any future upgrades
  • You’re able to create an inventory of all devices within your network and the risks that are associated with each
  • Helps you see the need and prepare for any future upgrades for your IT systems
  • Helps you see the need and prepare for any future upgrades in your network
  • Help you to meet compliance requirements

Why InfoSec Brigade?

  • An experienced technical support team
  • Top talented staff and expertise in cyber security
  • We offer customized security solutions to meet your security needs
  • Competitive services at very competitive prices
  • No hidden costs / unnecessary expenses
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