Benefits of Having an Information Security Program in an Organization

Benefits of Having an Information Security Program in an Organization

  • 23rd Dec, 2021

With developments in internet technology, information security has become a matter of concern for every organization. There is a need for a comprehensive security program that will oversee the protection of the three main components of information security (commonly known as the CIA of security):

  • Confidentiality – protection of information against unauthorized disclosure
  • Integrity – ensures the accuracy and completeness of data, free from any alterations whatsoever
  • Availability  – ensures that hardware, software, and data is available when needed.

An information security program comes with the following benefits:

Builds a Good Reputation for the Organization

Apart from causing heavy financial losses, data breaches damage the reputation of organizations, send the wrong impression to the general public, and shows how ill-prepared an organization is to tackle its information security and protect client information. It also speaks of unpreparedness and failure to adhere to security policies.

Having a strong IT security program creates an assurance among your customers, builds trust and a strong reputation.

Keeps you Away from Fines that Come With Non-compliance

We have different regulations and compliance laws that apply to different industries. For example, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is meant to ensure that providers comply with data protection standards when handling clients’ credit card information. Failure to comply will attract fines of up to $500,000 and revocation of access to the credit card system.

Having an information security program will ensure compliance with these regulations, keeping you away from avoidable trouble.

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Enlightens Employees on their Clear Roles in Information Security

Employees have become one of the biggest threats to a company’s information security due to negligence and lack of awareness. A security program facilitates the training of employees which makes them more informed on issues to do with cybersecurity and clearly outlines their role in protecting the organization’s information asset. This helps them act more cautiously in their daily operations, hence they end up making more informed decisions.

Creates a Sense of Responsibility Within the Organization

A security program clearly outlines the roles of each employee in relation to information security. It helps employees understand that there are repercussions for every action taken and that every single individual will be personally accountable for compliance issues and personal behavior with regard to information security.

Helps Maintain a Strong Security Posture Against Internal and External Attacks

Cyber attacks are inevitable, we cannot avoid them. Even the most secured systems suffer cyberattacks. What matters is the level of preparedness. A security program lays down policies and procedures that are followed to strengthen the existing security infrastructure, seal any loopholes and create a well-prepared security armory that can handle any cyber attack.

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