Important facts about the updates in ISO 27001/ISO 27002

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized information security standard which help organization to adopt information security framework for their data protection and information security compliance requirements. The standard was initially published in 2005 and it has been updated a few times throughout these years. In 2022 the ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards will be […]

The First Line of Defence: A Strong Password

As organizations are adopting work from home culture and we are surrounded of online services, resources and devices. The passwords are the “First line of defence” to secure your data. We should pay special attention during choosing the password. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of strong and complex passwords and will discuss how […]

Benefits of Having an Information Security Program in an Organization

With developments in internet technology, information security has become a matter of concern for every organization. There is a need for a comprehensive security program that will oversee the protection of the three main components of information security (commonly known as the CIA of security): Confidentiality – protection of information against unauthorized disclosure Integrity – […]

Top 10 Application Security Best Practices

Mobile and web applications have become part and parcel of our lives. They have just simplified our lives. Whether it’s adjusting room temperature in your smart home, or buying an air ticket to your favorite holiday destination, whether it’s accessing your drug store or ordering your favorite pizza, all these have been made possible through […]

Cyber Security Compliance and Regulation in India

With developments in internet technology, cyber security has today become a global concern for both individual persons and companies. International bodies such as ISO and NIST have come up with regulations and compliance requirements to guide both public and private sector organizations into a world of data safety. India has the second-largest internet user base […]

Log4j vulnerability and the impact

Log4j exploits are still on the rise since the vulnerability was discovered. It has affected over 35,000 Java application. The Log4j also known as Log4Shall, which allows an attacker to execute remote code executionby taking advantage of the vulnerable JNDI lookups functionality (by default enabled in manyversions) offered by thelog4j logging library.   Possible threats […]

Cyber Security Best Practices for Law Firms

Cyber Security Best Practices for Law Firms – Law firms have become a major target for hackers, and this is for plain reasons: they hold a lot of client data, intellectual property, and other privileged information. Every company out there, prominent business figures, government and private organizations have to comply with some statutory laws in […]

How Managed Security Providers Help Organizations Achieve their Security/Business Objective.

With today’s technological advancements, life has been simplified. The rise of social media, collaboration tools, remote working and Enterprise Resource Planning tools has made information sharing a seamless experience. Businesses are reaping big from access to a wider market, improved business agility, automation of services, cloud services, better storage solutions and better customer experience. With […]

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